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2006 and previous

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Futura Videos

Soundmaker Embodied Metaphor Videos: These videos show short segments of pairs of adult participants exploring and/or succeeding at various sound making pattern tasks.

  • Speed-Tempo1. Descriptor: Exploring Speed-Tempo relationship in the inuitive system. [High resolution Quicktime 114MB]
  • Speed-Tempo2. Descriptor: Demonstrating Speed-Tempo relationship in the inuitive system. [High resolution Quicktime 45MB]
  • Proximity-Pitch. Descriptor: Exploring Proximity-Pitch (Discoverable) in the inuitive system. [High resolution Quicktime 34MB]
  • Flow-Rhythm. Descriptor: Exploring Flow (Synchronous & smooth verus Asynchronous & choppy)-Rhythm in the inuitive system. [High resolution Quicktime 200MB]
  • Spatial Mental Models. Descriptor: Particpants verbally and gesturally make spatial references in nonintuitive system. [High resolution Quicktime 114 MB]

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