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IAT 884 Tangible Computing

Spring 2016 Course Schedule

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Week 1 Topic Required Reading

Thursday Jan 07

Workshop: 10 - 12:20

Room 3260


Seminar: Will start next week. Prep readings.

Workshop: Workshop 0.5 Introduction to electricty and electronics. See IAT 884 wiki for details.

See next week's seminar readings. You are expected to read these papers/chapters before next week's class.

See email from Brendan (TA). Read: Hartman's Wearable Electronics CH 1, 2, & 6 on course wiki.

If you need more electricity refreshing: "What is Electricity" and "Ohm's Law" under Electronics Resources.

Continue w/ Essential Electronics Concepts & Basic Components if you have time.

In general, please bring a laptop to all studio workshops. See instructor if you do not have one.


Week 2 Topic Required Reading

Thurs Jan 14


Seminar: 9:30 -- 11

Studio Workshop 11:10- 12:20

Room 3260

Seminar: Introduction to Course

  • Overview of course
  • Organization of workshops
  • Deliverables, schedule & assessment
  • Introduction to the term project
  • Equipment requirements
  • Course & academic honesty policies

Seminar: Introduction Tangible Computing

  • What is tangible computing?
  • Definition(s)
  • Historic overview of tangibles

Workshop: Microprocessors and soldering. See 884 wiki

In advance of the Seminar please read:

Dourish, P. Where the Action Is, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2001. [Chapter 1 and 2]

Studio Workshop Preparation:

See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.


Week 3 Topic Required Reading


Jan 21


Seminar: Conceptual Frameworks in Tangible Computing

  • What is a conceptual framework and why do we need one?
  • Ullmer & Ishii the first tangible computing conceptual framework -- design based
  • Klemmer et al. Why Bodies Matter -- theory based
See seminar exercise for details. Before class, students should find 3 examples of tangible computing applications that interest them. (These do not need to be taken from peer reviewed papers). Review the questions in the workshop handout prior to class and start to think about the your answers. You will be required to work through these questions in class and present your asnwers for at least one of the tangible examples.

Workshop: Sensors.


Seminar Reading:

Ullmer, B. & Ishii, H. Emerging frameworks for tangible user interfaces. In Carroll, J. (ed.) Human Computer Interaction in the New Millenium, Addison-Wesley, 2001, 579-601.

Klemmer, S., Hartmann, B. and Takayama, L., How bodies matter: Five themes for interaction design. In Proc. Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS '06), ACM Press, 2006.

Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.

Week 4 Topic Required Reading

Thursday Jan 28


Seminar: More Frameworks & Models of research in tangible computing

Workshop: Interfacing w/ your computer.

Seminar Reading:

Fishkin, K. A taxonomy for and analysis of tangible interfaces. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 8 (2004), 347–358.

Antle, A. N. and Wise, A.F. Getting down to details: Using theories of cognition and learning to inform tangible user interface design, Interacting with Computers 25, 1 (2013), 1-20. DOI: 10.1093/iwc/iws007

Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.

Week 5 Topic Required Reading

Thursday Feb 4


Seminar: Collaboration and social interaction

Workshop: Motors.

Proposal Due Friday.

Seminar Reading:

Hornecker, E. and Buur, J. Getting a grip on tangible interaction: A framework on physical and social interaction. In Proc. CHI 2006, 437-446.

Wise, A.F., Antle, A.N., Warren, J., May, A., Fan, M. and Macaranas, A. What kind of world do you want to live in?: Positive interdependence and collaborative processes in the land-use planning game YouTopia. In Proceedings of Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL ‘15), ISLS Press. (Gothenburg, Sweden, June 7-11, 2015) [Best Design Paper nomination!].

Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.


Week 6 Topic Required Reading

Thursday Feb 11

Seminar: Reading week -- No class

Workshop: Camera Vision.


Reading Week -- Readings:

Antle, A.N. Embodied child computer interaction -- Why embodiment matters, ACM Interactions, March+April Issue (2009), 27-30.

Roher, T. The Body in Space: Embodiment, Experientialism and Linguistic Conceptualization. In Body, Language and Mind, vol. 2. Zlatev, Jordan; Ziemke, Tom; Frank, Roz; Dirven, René (eds.). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2007.

Wilson, M. Six views of embodied cognition, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
2002, 9 (4), 625-636.

Week 7 Topic Required Reading

Thursday Feb 18


Seminar: Only workshop. Instructor at ACM TEI (Tangibles) Conference TU/E Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Workshop: Advanced Sensors/Microcontrollers


Seminar Readings: TBD


Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.

Week 8 Topic Required Reading

Feb 25


Seminar: What is Intuitive Interaction? The role of metaphor in tangible interaction design.



Readings (read in order):

Antle, A.N., Corness, G., and Bevans, A. Balancing justice: Comparing whole body and controller-based interaction for an abstract domain, International Journal of Arts and Technology, Special Issue on Whole Body Interaction: Applications, Case Studies, Evaluations and Critical Theory 6, 4 (2013), 388-409.

Macaranas, A., Antle, A.N. and Riecke, B.E. What is intuitive interaction? Balancing users’ performance and satisfaction with natural user interfaces, Interacting with Computers, (online Feb 12, 2015 | forthcoming).

Optional Reading: Antle, A.N., Corness, G., Bakker, S., Droumeva, M., van den Hoven, E., and Bevans, A. Designing to support reasoned imagination through embodied metaphor. In Proceedings of Creativity and Cognition (C&C ’09), ACM Press (Berkeley, CA, USA, 2009), 275-284.

Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.

Week 9 Topic Required Reading

March 3


Workshop: Prototype working session.



Bring your prototype to class to work on and get critique from peers.


Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.

Week 10 Topic Required Reading

March 10


Seminar: Distributed Cognition and Hands-on Interaction (or we could do intangible cultural heritage using tangible tabletops)


Workshop: TBD

Readings:  Rogers, Y. A Brief Introduction to Distributed Cognition, White Paper, 1997.

Esteves, A., Bakker, S., Antle, A.N. May, A., Warren, J. and Oakley, I. 2015. The ATB Framework: Quantifying and Classifying Epistemic Strategies in Tangible Problem-Solving Tasks. In Proceedings Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI '15). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 13-20.

Muntean, R., Hennessey, K., Antle, A.N., Rowley, S., Wilson, J. ?el??w?k ?? | Belongings: A tangible interface for intangible cultural heritage. In Proceedings Electronic Visualization and the Arts (London, UK, July 7-9, 2015. http://ewic.bcs.org/content/ConWebDoc/54933 [Ashgate Publishing Award for Best Paper]

Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop for details.

Week 11 Topic Required Reading

March 17


Seminar: Instructor Away | Studio workshop only

Workshop: TBD

Seminar Reading: None

Workshop Prep: See IAT 884 wiki for workshop details.

Week 12 Topic Required Reading

March 24



Student Presentations:

all students.

Readings: Presentation papers


Week 13 Topic Required Reading

March 31


Seminar: Presentation of Student's Research Prototypes


Seminar Reading: Review Summaries of Research Prototypes .



Week 14 Topic Required Reading


April 7


Papers working session

Papers DUE: April 11.

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