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Important Dates

  • Final exam is Tuesday April 19.
  • Assignment 1: Heuristic Evaluation (5%) DUE Wed Jan 26 at 2:30 pm in IAT 432 drop box.
  • Assignment 2: Usability Test (15%) DUE Mon Feb 21 (extended due to reading break) by 2:30 pm in the IAT 432 drop box.
  • Team data sheets for Assignment 3: Controlled Experiment DUE Friday Feb 25 by 5:30 by email to TA.
  • Whole class data sheet for Assignment 3 will be sent out by email Monday Feb 28.
  • Assignment 3: Controlled Experiment (10%) DUE Wed March 9 at 2:30 pm in IAT 432 drop box.
  • Assignment 4: Field Observation (15%) DUE Wed March 30 at 2:30 pm in IAT 432 drop box.
  • Assignment 5: Interface Criticism (5%) DUE Wed, April 13 at 2:30 pm in IAT 432 drop box.


No classes Feb 14 for Reading Week.



The course textbooks are:

  • Rubin, J. Handbook of Usability Testing.
  • Martin, D. Doing Psychology Experiments, Wadsworth, UK, 2004.
2011 : Course Policies


Course outline changes: The instructor may change the material specified in the course outline. If changes are required, they will be announced in class.

Team Assignments: Late team assignments may be accepted for marking, but with a penalty proportional to lateness of 10% for each day late beginning at 2:31 pm on the day that they are due. Assignments must be entirely completed by the individual student or team unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

Studio Labs: If you plan to miss a studio lab, please let your TA know ahead of the studio lab and arrange for your studio prep exercise to be handed in ahead of time.

Plagiarism: It is an offense of plagiarism to use someone else’s works or ideas as one’s own without proper acknowledgement. Failure to do so may result in penalties as severe as a zero on an assignment, failure in the course or, if repeated, expulsion from the Institute.
Students in this course must adhere to SFU's policy on academic honesty.

Illness: The student will provide the instructor with a doctor’s note for any illness causing the student to miss assignments, quizzes, tests, projects or exams or for extended absences. At the discretion of the instructor the student may complete the work for a prorated grade.

button button button Teaching Assistant: Allen Bevans.

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Design Evaluation

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Mixed Methods in Design Research

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