Alexis Clay, Movement Transcriptions

Allen Bevans, Creativity & BimanualInteraction

Amir Sadeghipour, Embodied Behavior Processing

Andreas Kaminsk, Modelling Context

Anitti Oulasvirta, On Information Potential

Astrid Larssen, Understanding Movement Technology

Augusto Esteves, Interface Consistency

Chris Rooney, Gesture Simulation Training

Dag Svanaes, Kinesthetic Creativity

David England, Formal Modelling

DirK van Erve, Cueing the Past

Dor Abrahamson, Instruction Embodied Design [Dragan Trninic attending]

Doris Hausen, Extending Interaction Periphery

Firaz Peer, Exertion Games

Francis Quek, We're Just Human

Iulian Radu, Eliciting Embodied Metaphors

Jakob Tholander, Understanding the Body

Jon Bird, Phenomenally Present & Transparent

Karen Tanenbaum, Present at Mind

Katherine Isbister, Being Moved

Lian Loke, Moving and Making Strange

Marco Pasch, Expressing Affect

Niklas Elmqvist, Embodied Human-Data Interaction

Orit Shaer, Collaborative Discovery

Paul Luff, Interactional Validity

Peter Peltonen, Trial Pervasive Game

Sheep Dalton, Pervasive Interaction

Rose Johnson, Embodied Violin

Steffi Beckhaus, Intuitive Interaction

Trevor Dodds, Embodied VR

Wendy Ju, Other Peoples Bodies


None. Workshop is full!

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